New service: Code Reviews!

You may be working on a Python course or certificate program and need some assistance. Some students advertise for a tutor to complete the assignment on their behalf. I never recommend you do this. Education is about your learning, after all. However, having completed your assignment you may wish to have someone review it and give you feedback.

This is often a really good idea, as it helps you to learn even more. I love to do these reviews because it heps give students an industry perspective on the code outside of academia ( I am a practicing Python developer).

So, I’ve started a code review service. It’s applicable for students, but it’s also applicable for anyone who wants feedback on their code. BUT PLEASE BE AWARE that if you are a professional developer then your code is owned by your employer, and you may not have permission for a third party to see or comment on that code.

If you’d like to try this service you can book online.

Also, if you like assistance when learning, why not sign up for our online tutoring? The initial consultation is free.


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