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  • 24 March - New service: Code Reviews!

    You may be working on a Python course or certificate program and need some assistance. Some students advertise for a tutor to complete the assignment on their behalf. I never recommend you do this. Education is about your learning, after all. However, having completed your assignment you may wish to have someone review it and give you feedback.

  • 22 March - Installing Python?

    Check out our videos to help make things simple, and get off to a flying start.

  • 22 March - How long does it take…

    to learn Python?

  • 09 December - Object Oriented Concepts

    Object orientation is a popular programming model that focuses on development of classes. Classes contain the logic and data of the application, which are the used in development by creating, or instantiating, objects from those classes.

  • 09 December - Beginner’s book

    I’m often asked which of the many books are good for beginners to use to learn Python. Of them all, the one that I find the best to use is called Python Crash Course.